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Monday 1st


LO: I can write a double ly ending sentence


An adverb is simply a word that describes a verb (an action or a doing word).

For example, quietly, quickly, slowly, loudly.



  • Read the power point and complete the activities on each slide.
  • Complete the worksheet by writing out the sentences in your workbook and add adverbs to make the sentences more interesting. 



This week, in preparation for returning to school, we would like to consolidate our skills in our 4 operations. So each day we will focus on a new operation. 


Today we are looking at addition.


Please complete the worksheet below.

Also below is a 'How to guide' for

  • addition with/without exchanges
  • solve missing number questions


This afternoon we would like to focus on PE and Music. We would also like you to have a go at some French if you have time. 



As we know how many of you love the PE lessons so it is time for some exercise! It’s so important to keep fit and active when we are stuck at home.

PE Task 1:

Take a look at these activities from our PE coaches.


PE Task 2:

This week we thought we might do some fun dance videos:


PE Task 3:

Can you complete all the bingo squares. Once complete email the class email address for 12 bonus house points!



Click on the music symbol under this weeks learning.



Click on the French flag under this weeks learning.

Other Tasks:

Remember there is additional work in the stars for:

  • Times tables
  • Phonics
  • Spellings
  • Comprehension
  • Daily Reading (bug club and other online library books - see useful links section of the Year 2 home learning page)