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Weekly homework

Weekly Homework:


Maths Y5 book: Line Graphs - pg 82-83

Maths Y5 Stretch AND Foundation: Line Graphs - pg 70-71

Maths Y3 book: Tables - pg 64

English Y5 book: Comma Practice - pg 50-51

English Y4 book: Comma Practice - pg 48-49

English Y3 book: Writing Longer Lists - pg 48-49


Due: Friday 14.6.24


Last week's Homework


Maths Y5 book: Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Problems - pg 46-47

Maths Y5 Stretch AND Foundation: Fraction, Decimal and Percentage Problems - pg 42-43

Maths Y3 book: Solving Fraction Problems - pg 40-41

English Y5 book: Suffixes - pg 84-85

English Y4 book: Suffixes - 'ation' and 'ous' - pg 78-79

English Y3 book: Suffixes - 'er' and 'est' - pg 74-75


In addition to the weekly homework for maths and SPaG, we will add an online activity if you would like to try these too!

Times tables for this fortnight: 7 TIMES TABLES

You can practise these on TTRockstars and in your dark blue multiplication books. 


If your child is very confident, they can also practise their 70x/700x/0.7x and create fact families for all of their tables.

You will be tested every other week.

You will be tested this Friday 15th March 2024.

You can find your spellings in the spelling folder.

These should be practiced in your pink spelling books.

You will be tested every Friday.