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Read the book and hope for a good ending

Isabella read a few pages and attempted her first spell from the mysterious book.

“I choose umm spell 1,”says Isabella concerned.

The book started to glow red,

“ Oh my what happened Isabella,” said  mum.

“I don't know but stay positive for me,” said Isabella, fearful.

Isabella thought wisely and chose: “I choose 2.” 

The book started to glow red again.

“Isabella, read your book,” Isabella’s mum said. 

She bit her lip.

 “I choose the last 3,” said Isabella, nauseous.

“I don't feel well,” said Isabella.

She fainted.

“ISABELLA ARE YOU OK !?” shouted her mum.

Isabella woke up.

“I agree with the options.”

The speaker said, “Your parents are free.”

“Oh my goodness, I am so happy to see you!” said Isabella's parents. “Let’s go home now.”


That’s the end of this storyline - a happy ending!  Choose another link at the top to see a different path.