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Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School

Run away

Frightened, Isabella had two choices: run away or stay there. She chose to run away without looking back .She ran and ran and ran until she lost him,but now she was stuck.

Desperately, she tried to find an exit, but with no luck . She tried to re-trace her footprints.  

“Wait, wait,” called the Caretaker, “I’m here to help you, not harm you!”

Isabella stopped dead in her tracks, bewildered and scared. She began feeling weak.

“You need to replenish your strength.  I know what you’re experiencing, I know your parents - they died to protect the magic book that will heal you,” the Caretaker exclaimed as he raced, breathlessly after her.  

Isabella felt dizzy as she slowly sank to the library floor.  She awoke to find the Caretaker reading her a book.  He gently explained that her parents used to work in the library, where a young man nearly in his 20s accidentally opened an evil book of spells.  Suddenly, it trapped his goodness and turned him into a pernicious person that can live until a descendant of the murdered couples return to the magical book. 

Suddenly, her mind told her that the same evil man was standing beside her telling this story. But Isabella didn't have any strength to run away or hide: she was vulnerable. 

And then she closed her eyes again.  After a while she opened her eyes and saw a big large stone carved with ancient  pictures and writing. She was amazed. She looked for the caretaker but couldn't find him. She read the stone and suddenly she felt like she was a young girl again. 

Suddenly, an evil spirit flew past her. She looked from the direction of the spirit (that flew past her) which led her to the caretaker. 

She was surprised that he was lying on the floor like a Koala. She tried to wake him up but she failed. Miserable, she cried and cried and cried.

Then, to her surprise, he opened his eyes.  He was looking different but he was alive.

He said sorry for the mistakes that he made earlier in his life and begged from her mercy. She helped him and treated him like he treated her. 

When he was feeling better he was so happy that he adopted her and treated her just like a little child should be treated.


What a happy ending!  If you would like to go back and try a different path though, click on the links above!



Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School