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Friday 21.01

Friday: For Friday's lesson, you will be finding the area of irregular shapes. There is a video link below to help you with your learning.

Friday: Guided Write

Finally, to finish off your own non chronological report on The Grey Wolf, write your Behaviour and Habitat paragraphs. If you have time, you could consider the last couple of sections 'Did you know?' and Glossary sections of your non-chronological reports.

Once you have finished, read through your whole piece of writing and do one final 'deep check' to make sure you haven't missed anything. Hopefully you have a piece of writing that is packed with information, that you are really proud of!

Friday: Homework/Spellings/Mindfulness

You have spellings and homework due for today.

When you have your new spellings for the week, find the definitions of your new words to help familiarise yourself with them. You could also use this time to make sure you are ahead on your homework, as we will put the new homework on the website today. There is also a TTRockstars battle between Swan and Heron! You can go and earn your class some points while you practice your 9X table.

Once you have finished this, there is some mindfulness colouring that you can complete if you would like.


Well done and thank you for working so hard this week Year 5! We are super proud of you!

The times tables tests that we use are below. you can also use these to help you with your practise. Good luck today!