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le 13 juillet 2020

Bonjour la classe!

For French we are going to find out about a very famous event that takes place tomorrow in France.  Le 14 juillet-Fête Nationale, July 14th – National Holiday in France is a bank holiday and normally a day of national celebration with parades, fly pasts, parties and lots of gatherings for special meals and fireworks.  This year it will be very different as the crowds are not allowed to gather and watch all the events.  But it will be broadcast on the television.  So there are 3 video clips, a powerpoint and a drawing activity to do. The video clips are in the Video Resource Centre on the school website. Go to FRENCH: le 14 juillet - la Fete Nationale en France: watch the 2016 Parade du 14 juillet, singing and signing La Marseillaise, the French national anthem; 2019 Fireworks, Eiffel Tower, Paris and why not try to Draw the Eiffel Tower, add a few fireworks.

Bon courage,

Miss Ferguson

PS Don’t forget the French clips for you in the Video Resource Centre.  Go to Chidren, select Video Resource Centre and find the FRENCH: le 14 juillet - la Fete Nationale en France