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Stay on the streets

                                                        Stay on the streets


Run. Run. Run. Run. That was all that is on Isabella’s mind. No one to go to, Nowhere to go to. She was alone. All she could do was to run. By now she felt so weak from all the talking she had done up to this point. She looked for a library and observed across the street. There it was, a library! Isabella was so happy. She could speak again! She bolted on the other side of the street. While crossing the street, a car almost ran her over…


It was as though her life flashed before her eyes – she was remembering things:


“I love you mum!” said Isabella.

“I love you too honey!” replied her mum.


Isabella was having visions: she heard a voice speaking to her. A familiar voice just like her mother’s. 


*BEEP BEEP* “Move it!” shouted the angry driver.

 Isabella detected she was in the way of a car and quickly jumped out. She felt so lucky to be alive. She entered the library, picked out a book and immediately started reading. The owner of the library noticed her and approached her. 


“You like to read I’m assuming,” chuckled the man.

Isabella nodded, she didn’t want to talk.

“Ok,” said the librarian. “I guess you will be a frequent visitor,” he smiled.

“Yes,” chuckled Isabella, for once she was happy.

This man made her comfortable. Suddenly, she embraced him. He gasped but 

embraced her. This was a different turn of events but Isabella enjoyed it.

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