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Monday 25th January



Yes, the Year 5 classes are challenging Falcons and Kestrels to a TTRockstar battle.  It's a four-way rock battle... who will be victorious?!!  Make sure you log in early and often!


Also, as well as the usual topics today, why not check out the Usborne competition?  Details below.

Maths: I can substitute into equations



2020 has been a significant year in our history and you were a part of it. We’d like to invite you to write a letter to a child in 2030 telling them what life was like for you last year.   The challenge has come from 'Usborne Books' and they would like you to send your letters to them once completed.   Some of the letters received will form part of an exhibition by The Postal Museum!  One of those letters could be yours !


Before writing your letter, there are some things to consider:


1) Why is 2020 such a significant year in our history? Think about the IMPACT of the events of 2020 by drawing three circles: one for your own experience, one for your family’s experience, and one for society as a whole or on a worldwide scale. Write down words that might summarise the different experiences of the pandemic.


 2)  Create a COLLAGE showing all of the things that remind you of the year 2020. Your collage might include drawings, pictures or newspaper clippings of people wearing face-masks, following social distancing rules, using hand sanitiser, walking down empty streets, doing some home learning or general lockdown activities – or perhaps there’s something you’d like to include that is more personal to you. Remember, 2020 is not just defined by the pandemic. What else happened to you that you would like to mention or celebrate?


3) Once you have created your collage, you might also want to create a MOODBOARD or an EMOTIONS DIARY – tracking how you felt each month of 2020, from January through to December.


 4)  Consider why the lockdown in 2020 might prompt a return to a more traditional method of communication: writing letters. What is the benefit of writing letters as opposed to communicating on social media or via text? Write a list of the benefits of writing letters. Why do we do it?


Once you have carefully considered the above, you will be ready to write a letter. Visit the Usborne website for more information, help and support.  Look at the Letter Writing Resources Pack for Teachers, particularly page 8 which will guide you how to set out your letter: 


The closing date of the competition is 4th April 2020.  Good luck!