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Tuesday 12th



LO: I can order words alphabetically.


Today we are looking at alphabetical order.

Complete the sheet below where you need to order the list of words alphabetically and then pick five words to find and write down the definition (meaning).



Our focus today is counting pence.

LO: I can count pence.


Worksheets: Complete the worksheet below.

Complete the reasoning and Problem Solving sheet.



Today we want  you to think about what you have learned about Barra so far.


Pretend you are visiting the island for a holiday.

On the template below write a postcard to a friend at school to tell them everything you are doing on the island. (staying in the hotel, playing on the beach, fishing, digging up potatoes, watching the sheep and walking in the hills)


Other Tasks:


Remember there is additional work in the stars for:

  • Times tables
  • Phonics
  • Spellings
  • Comprehension
  • Reading

Have a go at these.