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Rights Respecting School Award

As a school we would like to continue our silver award journey for Rights Respecting Schools and so we would like you to continue to think about some of the rights you have as children while you are off. Below we have selected a couple of rights to focus on and we have come up with some tasks you can do for each right.

Have a go and remember to send us some pictures of the work you have done. Feel free to come up with your own ideas for each right, we love creativity! Please email your class email as we would love to get some pictures on our website.


The right to shelter

  • make a shelter for one of their toys
  • create a den using blankets, chairs and pillows

The right to clean water

  • make and pour the drinks for the family

The right to nutritious food

  • make a food diary of nutritious foods being eaten
  • draw pictures of nutritious foods and foods that are treats
  • use junk modelling and collage materials to design your favourite meal

The right to reliable information

The right to play

  • draw and label pictures of your favourite toys
  • make up your own game outside using garden equipment
  • design your own board game

The right to a family

  • draw or take photographs of all your family members
  • create a family tree

The right to education

  •  pretend to be a teacher and teach your grown ups.
  •  You could write some multi-step addition, subtraction, multiplication and division number sentences. Don't forget to check them to make sure they are right!
  • You could write a number sentence with missing numbers and see if they can work out the numbers. 
  • You could create number sequences using a variety of criteria e.g. adding on in 25s...