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Thursday 14th June

For our last full day, the morning started fresh and breezy and became ever more sensationally sunny -- and we took every advantage of the perfect weather.


The children started out with their usual breakfast and then rushed to their rooms to prepare for their room inspection.  Rooms tidy, we headed out to Folly Farm and arrived for its opening at 10am where it almost seemed like we had the place to ourselves.


Everyone enjoyed seeing the animals: particularly fascinating were the strange-looking tapir, the energetic meerkats and the Humboldt penguins which some children recognised due to our studies of the Humboldt current and its effects on the Galapagos Islands.  As they explored, some of the children had thoughtful remarks on poaching, the ethics of zoos and the importance of animal conservation; others were determined to complete the information-hunt challenges with Charles and Will W seen whizzing around to complete their rhino fact sheet in record time; and Jess S found an animal with the same name as her 'Dr Dolittle' character!


After lunch, the children had an opportunity to enjoy the huge on-site adventure playground with its pirate ships and fortresses.


For the afternoon, we headed to Tenby.  The children were keen to spend their money and they had plenty of time to explore the little shops around Tenby looking for deals and souvenirs.  That left us enough time to head to the beach to enjoy the late afternoon, splashing around and exploring.  As you can see from our pictures, the children had a marvellous time.


This evening, the children enjoyed barbecue evening at the youth hostel and are now completing their diaries before they drift off to sleep for their last night in Pembrokeshire.


"Life is good!" - Zack

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Greetings from Pembrokeshire!