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Ask for some time alone

          “Please, kind sir, I would just like some time alone to look for a book.”

          The man gazed down at her suspiciously.  She noticed that his eyes were different – one was green and the other was grey. 

          “Just remember my warning,” he said.  “That volume is not for you.”

          He turned away, glancing back over his shoulder, and was soon lost to her eyesight among the columns and stacks of books.

          She closed her eyes.  She could feel it.  The book was tugging her.  As if hypnotised, she stepped forward.  On and on and on until…

          The book was in her hands.  She opened her eyes.

          It was brown with a gold-encrusted rose imprinted on the front.  A thick sheen of dust lay atop it but somehow underneath, it seemed as though it could be brand new.

          She picked it up and looked around and saw the entrance next to her.