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Thursday 17th December

Christmas Riddle of the Day:  How do you scare a snowman?


Christmas Fact of the Day:  The Statue of Liberty was gifted to the United States of America by the French on Christmas Day in 1886.  It weighs 225 tons and thus you could consider it as the biggest Christmas gift in the world.


Welcome to Day 3 of our Christmas Home Learning...last of my lessons for 2020!  It's a shame that we won't be spending today together in class but to create a virtual party, it would be great to see you all wearing Christmas hats for our Zoom meeting!  Don't forget a pen and paper to participate in the 'Christmas Songs Quiz' that will be led by 'ILovePresents' and 'Issygchahorse' and our afternoon edition with 'Candyfloss4' and 'Orangejuice3'.


Try and log on to TT Rockstars today to take part in our battle with Falcons, Herons and Swans.  We are NOT in the lead sad Good luck!


In the meantime, I wish you and your family all a very Merry Christmas.  Stay safe, have fun and enjoy every moment of this wonderful time of year.  I look forward to seeing you all back in school next term.  

Poetry: 'Dark' by Tony Mitton

Questions to consider:

 What sort of character is Dark in this poem?

What adjectives would you choose to describe it?

If Dark were a person, what sort of person would he/she be?

What are Dark’s positive qualities as described in the poem?

Do you think the poet considers Dark to be an enemy or a friend?

How do you feel about the dark?


Now, it's your turn...

Darkness is often thought of as something negative. I would like you to write a poem entitled 'In Praise of Darkness'.  In your poem 'Dark' can be addressed and praised as a person.  For example:


In Praise of Darkness

Praise to you Dark, you show us the stars,

You show us the glorious colours of fireworks,

You coax the badger and the fox out to play in the moonlight...

Spellings for Week 1, Spring Term

Maths: 'The Mystery of the Missing Christmas Angel'

Christmas Break Bingo

Over your Christmas break, how many of the following activities can you complete?  If you achieve them all, I look forward to you shouting 'Bingo' to me when you arrive back in class in January.  Good luck!


  • WRITE - Write about your favourite day of the Christmas holidays
  • READ - Email me a book review for each book that you finish
  • DRAW - Create a masterpiece!
  • Get ACTIVE - Invent a new sport using items at your house (would be great to see photos!)
  • Be CURIOUS - Come up with a scientific question then experiment
  • MATHS - Create a maths problem and challenge your family
  • MUSIC - Create a song,  Try composing a Kestrel Class anthem
  • HISTORY - Interview your family to create a family tree together

Some super work has been produced. Take a look at 'MillyTheCat's writing.

Answer:  With a hairdryer!