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Speak to the door

She looked up and, in the corner of her eye, she just spotted a puzzling picture of a young actress on stage. She proclaimed, “What is this painting? Why do I recognize her?” 

The echoey, gloomy voice hesitantly explained, “Well…that your mum.” 

Isabella’s heart was pounding. Pounding like a snare drum. She had only one memory of her mum and that memory was the most important thing of her life. She thought her mum was dead. Dead and never to be seen again. Even the thought of seeing her would bring her a bucket full of tears. However no tears came into her eyes this time – she would do anything to see her mum again.

“Do you know where she is?” Isabella questioned, “Can you help me fin-” she asked, interrupted by the door’s booming voice.

“Hold on, Hold on a sec, it is extremely lethal and I can't put you through the pain.”


1 don’ t listen to the door  and ask how to get there.

2 ask more question on how it is dangerous.