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Tell her mum where she got the book

          Grace wavered.  Should she tell her mum where she got the book?  She finally decided (after much thinking) that she would.

          “Mum!” she called.  “Muuum!”

No sound reached her ears.

“Where are you?” she asked. “This is really important!”

Her voice was getting higher.  Where was her mum?  A million thoughts and images flew into her head but she firmly pushed them out again.

“Yes darling, what is it?”  Grace’s mum came in from putting the rubbish out.

“Umm… I have something to tell you… about where I got this book.”

Her mum was listening intently: all ears.  “Yes, what about it?”

          “I’m going to tell you where I got it… okay, here goes nothing.  It was from that library you told me about.”

          Her mum gasped and her face went white.  “You never…”

          Her voice was barely a whisper.

          Grace ran to her room.