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Friday 29th



GPS starter

Complete the questions below. You do not need to copy out the question, just the answer.


English task


LO: I can write a description of three sentence


An adjective is a describing word (i.e. huge, tiny, smooth, shiny, brown)


You can add three adjectives (3A sentence) to a sentence using a comma (,) and ‘and’ to add interest.

E.g. The zebra was kind, brave and courageous when he helped the antelope escape from the lion.


1. Read the power point and think of your own adjectives to add to the sentences on the slides.

2. Complete the worksheet below.




Please complete the arithmetic questions on the attached sheet.

Remember to to pictorially draw:

  • 10s and 1s to help solve addition and subtraction questions
  • arrays to help solve multiplication and division questions.
  • fractions - remember for fractions the bottom number tells you how many groups and the top number tells you how many of the groups you need to count.



LO: I can draw animals from the Bonkers story


Look carefully at the animals in the story (penguin, zebra, giraffe, elephant, lion, flamingo, hippo).

Using a pencil, try drawing them.

Look at the size of the body, the length of the legs and the size of the head.

Take your time and look carefully.

We would love to see your finished pieces of art!

Other Tasks:

Remember there is additional work in the stars for:

  • Times tables
  • Phonics
  • Spellings
  • Comprehension
  • Daily Reading (bug club and other online library books - see useful links section of the Year 2 home learning page)