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Monday 30th March


This year we have looked closely at the lives of Florence Nightingale and Isambard Kingdom Brunel and how they tried to improve lives during Victorian times. 

Can you find out some interesting facts about another famous person who lived during this time and then create a non-fiction page for a book? You could find out facts abut Mary Anning, Queen Victoria or Alexander Graham Bell. 

You need to include: 

A main heading

An introduction 

Subheadings (these can be statements or questions) 

Text boxes

Bullet points


Pictures (you can draw these or print them off if you are able to) 


This website has videos which may help you:



Use the three number cards below to make 6 two -  digit numbers. (You can only use each card once in each number) 


3                  7                6 


Complete these sentences:

The largest number I made is _____. 

The smallest number I made is ____.

The numbers with three tens are _______. 

The numbers with seven ones are ______. 

The smallest even number is _____. 

The odd numbers are _______. 


Now pick your own three numbers and write your own sentences. 



This year you have been learning to draw figures in Art. Carefully draw a picture of someone in your family.