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Happy New Year Everyone

Run away

          She turned.  For some reason, she didn’t feel safe reading the book there so she looked to where she thought her only chance of escaping was – only to find a dead end!

          Grace felt the leather-backed book dragging her, pulling her towards the wall. Then all of a sudden, all went black.

          She felt it burst into life.

          She grasped her book for comfort as her mum’s key slid into the lock and clicked as it opened.  Grace held her breath as her mum stepped inside.

          “Grace!” her mum called.  “Come and give your mum a hug!”

          Grace came downstairs slowly, taking deep breaths on every step.  She had rehearsed what she was going to say so many times it almost sounded like a different person.  Her mum stared at the book suspiciously and asked, “Where did you get that book, honey? Let me see it… Oh my, who gave you this?  Last time I saw it, it was in an ancient library all locked up…”


Happy New Year Everyone