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Wednesday 13th January

In Falcon class, Luna's friend recommended this on our Zoom meeting - David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities this weeks contains a lot on pigeons and that links beautifully to our topic.  It's only half an hour and is well worth a watch!


Also, check out the problem-solving challenge of the week at the bottom of this email!


If you would like to borrow a book, a photograph of some of the books currently on the year 6 shelves is below.  Let us know if any catch your eye.  Also remember to check into your Bug Club account if you're interested in reading any of the online books, using the details emailed to your parents alongside the school code skps.

Maths: Reflections

The last in our position and direction module is based on reflections!

Book Shelves



Last but not least, for those of you wanting an extra special maths challenge, try this one out:


Nefariously Nasty Problem Solving Challenge of the Week


At Barkfield School for dogs, there are 10 puppies and 10 kennels.  The headteacher and the deputy head (Mr Bones and Mrs Bow-wowkett) ask the first puppy to open all 10 kennel doors.  Then they ask the second puppy to close every second kennel door.


They ask the third puppy to go to every third door and open it if it’s shut or shut it if it’s open.  


Then they ask the fourth puppy to go to every fourth door and open it if it’s shut and shut it if it’s open.  


Then they do the same with the fifth puppy (every fifth door) and so on until the tenth puppy has opened or closed every tenth door.


At the end, how many kennel doors are open and how many are closed?  


How do you know?  Did you draw it out or use playing cards to model each kennel door?  Did you draw a table or try to keep track in your head?   Or did you spot a pattern in which doors are opened or close that would help you?


Can you create a rule or a set of instructions using maths language that would allow you to figure out how many kennels are open or closed if the school had 100 puppies and 100 kennels? 


If you're barking mad enough to figure this one out let us know!