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Global Communities


At Parkfield School we are proud to welcome many children who speak more than one language and we work hard to ensure that all our children receive the education they deserve and make the progress expected.


If your child speaks or hears a language other than English at home, please let us know.


If your child speaks or hears another language other than English at home we can receive funding to support them with their learning, even if they speak English fluently.  To be able to receive this funding we need your permission to register your child as having English as an additional language.


Our past EAL (English as an additional language) children have received support when it was most needed and make excellent progress.  We are committed to continuing this initiative, so please complete and return the form below to the school office.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let the office team know so they can arrange for you to meet with a member of our EAL support team.

Please note:

  • Our website pages will easily translate into the language of your choice. Please click on the translate button on the left hand side.
  • We send out all our information for families by text and/or email. These documents can be downloaded and translated via Google Translate.
  • To translate a PDF document you will need to convert it first to a Word document. (Right click the PDF and choose Open with Word. Highlight the text, click on Review, choose Translate, select Translate Selected Text and follow the instructions).​​​​​​​
  • If you need any help with any other documents, please contact us.
     Please note that Google Translate may not be 100% accurate - if you have any queries or concerns, please let us know.