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Monday 4th May


In English this week, you are going to continue working through the booklet below. Remember, you don't need to print anything off.

Today, we would like you to match the word to the correct meaning (page 11) and put each word into a sentence (page 12)




Today you are going to explore comparing lengths.

Firstly, watch this video: 

Remember, you can pause the video at any time. 


Then, complete the activities on the sheet below. You don't need to print it off, use your workbook or a piece of paper. 


On Friday, you found out some facts about one of the big five animals in Kenya. Today, we would like you to use these facts to create a non - chronological report. In your report, remember to include: 


  • A main title
  • Introduction 
  • Subheadings (some of these can be questions e.g. What does an elephant eat?)
  • Pictures with labels 
  • Bullet points
  • Different sentence types
  • Conjunctions in your sentences