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The right door

Isabella entered the door on the right and took a step. She stopped as she knew that this was life or death. This was the door that would either kill her or free her from the labyrinth. She took another step hesitantly and then took a deep breath. She had to go forward. 

She walked into what seemed like the basement of a house. It felt like the room was carved out from stone. There were lights on the ceiling but they were flickering, as if they were scared of going at full power. In front of her, there was a mirror. It had a golden tint and was somehow drawing her to it. She walked towards it and heard voices calling out to her. She suddenly saw something extraordinary. 

Her mother and father. She had never seen them before but had a feeling they were her parents.

"Come save us, our darling,"

On the right of her, she suddenly spotted a dilapidated door. It had a breeze coming out of it. That was the exit.


Go straight to the exit.

Go save the parents.