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Broken window

Isabella gingerly and cautiously stepped over the jagged shards of glass in the window frame.  She was desperate to escape the raging storm and seek shelter in the oasis, that to her, was this foreboding, ominous library.  

As she lowered herself over the frame she was startled to find the floor was lower on the other side and landed with a bump, losing her balance and gashing her hand on the jagged glass during her descent.  Fearful of wasting any more precious energy by calling out, she stifled her scream by biting her lip. She stumbled and found some old tapestry  curtains. As her eyes adjusted, she saw dark, paneled, wooden, covered walls with ancient books. Ecstatically, she raced towards the books like a man finding water in the desert. 

She vigorously  devoured the words from the pages like a sponge absorbing the energy from the books. She took in all the energy and felt better than ever like a massive caffeine boost. Her gnash is healed! To her astonishment, there were tons of leather-bound books. As she rolled her hands along the books, she found a secret door hidden.