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Read the book and fear for a bad ending


Isabella read a few pages and attempted her first spell from the mysterious book 

“I pick spell 1,”said Isabella in an anxious voice.

At that moment a big red glowing light sprang out of the book.

“What happened?”said dad

“Oh I think it wasn't the right one”said mum in a frustrated but calm voice.

Isabella started to look for another spell to read out.

“I choo-,”Isabella bumbled out.

“ISABELLA ARE YOU OK,”said her dad.

“I don't think she can keep doing this”said mum.

Isabella woke up with a faint blur in her eyes.

“I choose spell 3” said Isabella, still half awake.

Soon her parents could no longer talk!

“Oh no!” replied Isabella, a bit irritated and stressed.

“You still have one more try”said her dad.

Isabella said with her last mouth full of energy “I choose spell 2”.

“Isabella your fading away”said her mum in a upset voice.

Isabella was dead.

Soon after her parents started to fade away too. They were never seen again...



That's the end of this path... but try going back and looking for another ending!