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Week Beginning 25.01.21

Hello everyone!

We hope you are all doing well. As discussed on the zoom calls, we will be setting homework from now on which can be found at the bottom of the page, please make sure you have done this by Friday. You can mark your own homework when you have finished by looking at the back pages of your homework book for the answers.
Keep up the good work, we have been so impressed with how hard you have all been working whilst at home.

Mr Chislett and Mrs Swarbrick

This week, we will be setting homework to recap/review some of the learning we have been doing recently. Your homework for this week is below, there will be a new set of homework next week.

English- Commas in Lists (p.40 + 41)

Maths- Written Multiplication (p.24)

You also have a new times table to be practicing, which is the 7 times table! There is a new TTRockstars battle which starts on the 25th. However, this is a big one, as both Kestrel and Falcon from Year 6 are involved in this one as well as both Year 5 classes.