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Week beginning 16th March

Hello to all our Falcons and Kestrels who are self-isolating!  We miss you and hope to see you soon but dry those eyes and breathe a sigh of relief because there is plenty for you to do while you are in isolation!


English Writing

Continuing our work on atmospheric narratives, we are beginning to create our own characters.  Thinking about Faith Sunderly from our book 'The Lie Tree', we realised that she had both positive and negative qualities.  She is intelligent, inquisitive, determined, sophisticated, adventurous and competitive but she could also be nosy and deceitful.  It is important that characters have a mix of positive and negative qualities because otherwise they'd be boring.  Harry Potter might be brave and determined but he can also be headstrong. 


We would like you to create a character description for a new character who will feature in an atmospheric story that you will create.  You will describe what they look like and may want to include descriptions of their clothes but you will definitely need to focus on their characteristics including both their positive and negative traits.  Think about how they move, how they talk, how they act, how they think and most importantly of all, what is it that they want?  Most powerful stories have central characters who have one major want or need -- what does your character want most of all?  Do they have any secrets?


You might think about using some of the techniques we have studied over the last few weeks: metaphors and similes; personification; bathos and irony and if you want to include some dialogue, that would be exciting as well!  You will need at least a page so make sure your character descriptions are detailed and full of life.  We can't wait to see what you come up with!




It's important to keep revising your arithmetic skills so spend some time on this Arithmetic game.  Remember to record your workings and your answers so you can look back and see where you went wrong, if you did!  If you are a super Scratch expert and can identify why some questions have bugs and show numbers to too many decimal places, please let us know.


If you spend 30 minutes on the arithmetic test and then do your corrections afterwards, feel proud that you have completed your maths mission for the day.  However, if you want a meatier challenge, have a look at this chocolate-themed conundrum.  It's not Easter yet but this is one of our favourite puzzles.  We'd love to see how you tackle it!




The Mariana trench -- deep, dark, exciting!  Located in the Pacific Ocean, the seven mile journey through the Mariana trench to the Challenger deep will take you to the deepest point of the ocean.   Check out this video to see how deep the trench really is: 


You can also check out some of the weird and wonderful creatures that live in the ocean depths on this website:


But what unknown creatures could live down there?  How would they have adapted to such a terrible, inhospitable habitat -- high pressure, no light, perhaps little food?  Might they evolve enormous eyes to try and take in every tiny bit of light or would they not need eyes at all?  Would they need a tough exoskeleton to resist the pressure or would being flat help absorb the weight?


Your challenge today is to design and draw a creature that could live in the Mariana trench and then label the key features that make it well-adapted to its habitat.  How does it eat?  How does it move?  How does it get oxygen?  What are its predators?  If you're able to send in a photograph of your creature, we'd love to see it... just don't make it TOO nightmarish!




Keep practising Times Tables Rockstars, Numbots and your spellings, and keep reading!



What else?

If you have zoomed through this and still feel the need to show your brilliance, why not try one of these projects?


Computing: The Raspberry Pi website is packed with interesting projects in Scratch, HTML and Python.  We would be so excited to see what you can come up with! 


PSHE: This is a really unusual period in British history and, in years to come, it would be fascinating to keep in school the diaries of children who lived through this unprecedented period of time.  It doesn't need to be anything dramatic but we think the children in decades to come would be thrilled to have a primary source of information about what your lives are like.  So if you don't keep a diary yet, why not consider starting one?  Like a time capsule, it could be a message to the future... you might even want to look back on them yourselves!


Tuesday 21st June Reception Sports Day, Wednesday 22nd June Yrs 1&2 Sports Day, Thursday 23rd June Yrs 3&4 Sports Day, Friday 24th June Yrs 1&2 Sports Day