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Wednesday 6th May

After Tuesday gave the world a thorough spring clean, I hope the world outside your window is looking refreshed.



Session 3 (page 6) of your workbook -



Hey, magazine editors... you've got mail!


Dear Editor,

My cat has turned evil!  She is lovely at home but since she started going out with the neighbourhood cats, she's been nothing but trouble.  I see them out in a huge group hanging around all night.  My three-year-old neighbour has a sandbox that they use as a litter tray -- the little boy was in tears!  Whenever the postman comes around, they line up on the garden walls and hiss.  She used to bring home mice now and then but now she brings home other cats and they wreck the house!  How can I get my old cat back?

Yours despairingly,

Katy in Kettering


Dear Editor,

I'm 10 years old but I have a problem I keep forgetting full stops and capitals it drives my teachers crazy help me please

from billy in beamish


Dear Editor,

Longtime reader, first time writer!  I love your magazine but I wish it had a horoscope section.  If someone doesn't tell me what my future is, how will I know when the future has happened?


Confused of Cornwall


Oi Editor!

I am livid!!! I purchased your magazine last week and it was full of RUBBISH ARTICLES!!!!  What are you charging all that money for???

Angry 'Arry from Axminster


Dear Editor,

OMG!  I'm SO excited to be writing to my ABSOLUTE FAVE magazine.  Squeee!!!!  I think you're, like, the best editor ever.  Will you write a FEATURE ARTICLE about... you????  Behind-the-scenes!  The inside story!  Your secret past!  Your fashion choices!  Your family!  Your pets!  What makes you, like, the most interesting person EVER??? 

Suuuuper excited,

Nora from Norwich



If you wish to do a letters column, this could start you off.  Of course, you might have other letters to feature.  Remember, your job is to sell magazines so your replies need to be helpful (and you can't just be rude... even to Angry 'Arry!)... but they can also be a bit humorous!


Today, you need to think about doing some shorter feature columns -- ideally TWO if you've got big ambitions for your magazine!


* Will you include a letters section with some of these letters (or new ones) and responses?

* Will you include a horoscopes section to show people the future?

* What about a jokes column or a cookery section or a gardening corner?


Or you could do a shorter feature -- something from your list of interesting articles.  It's up to you...




Adding and subtracting fractions today.





Have a look at the attached sheet and have a go at activities 1 and 2.  (You can also do activity 3 if you wish -- we will forward work to the School Council to help towards their UNICEF award!).



Do you have a child starting school in September 2022? Email us at, to arrange a tour of our school.