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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Some of you have been asking about the Year 6 leavers' hoodies but the superstars at the Friends of Parkfield are, as ever, absolutely on it.  Please ask your parents to download the form at the bottom of the page (also on the Home Learning page) and email it to the office. smiley


Big thanks to MegaMonkey's dad for the eagle-eyed typo spot!



Now is your chance to plan your story involving a portal.  For guidance see pages 19-20:


If it helps, an audio explanation of the activity is at the bottom of the page.



Summer Week 2 Lesson 3: Problem Solving



If you weren't sure about yesterday's challenge, see this video on the Parkfield video resource centre:  smiley



We're taking part in a Taunton-wide art project called "Helping Hands".  In this, we will be creating art pieces using any medium you like - drawing, painting, printing, modelling from salt dough, “junk”, fabric, computer art, collage.  The theme will be helping hands.  To start us off today, we would like you to explore what helping hands might mean by creating an ideas page.  You can do it in your book, on paper or even on the side of a cardboard box!  Do some sketches, cut out pictures, print out photos, make some notes, words etc to show what you are thinking...who’s hands have helped? What have they done for us, for you?  Here's an example of an ideas page...




7Hry_Ptr has something exciting to share:


"Over the time we’ve been in lockdown, my mum ordered a butterfly kit which comes with live caterpillars so you can watch them turn into butterflies! We’ve had them for a while and now, 3 butterflies have come out of their chrysalides. In the pictures below, you can see them in the special net so they don’t fly away. Once they have all appeared you can set them free and apparently they might land on your face or on your hands. Inside the red circle below is one butterfly who’s still on top of their chrysalis."






The Book of Hopes


Edited by Katherine Rundell, with contributions from more than 100 children’s writers and illustrators

Completely free for all children and families, the extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon, Jacqueline Wilson – and Katherine herself.

The collection, published by Bloomsbury, is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, carers, porters, cleaners and everyone currently working in hospitals.



Thank you 'Chocolatelover' for sharing this fabulous bird picture:

Audio Introduction to Today's English activity


Do you have a child starting school in September? Email us at, to arrange a tour of our school.