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Wednesday 27th January


Today's activity will be our last on money. This time, we'll be putting our knowledge of money in a real-life context and learn about giving change. Watch the White Rose video to find out more about how to give change, then complete the questions on the worksheet below!


Challenge: Put your knowledge of counting money to the test with some of the interactive games from Top Marks.


Today, please complete 'The Odd-One-Out Game' on page 10. Now develop this knowledge by completing the 'Noun or Verb' activity. You can do this on the sheet or in your blended learning booklets.


Yesterday, we learned how the Israelites got their name. Today, we're going to find out how they came to live in Egypt. In order to understand this, we must read about Jacob's (Israel's) son, Joseph.


Go through the slides on the RE 3 PowerPoint to find out more about your task. 


You can write Joseph's thoughts on the worksheet, or you can draw him on plain paper and write his thoughts around him.