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Wednesday 27.01.21

You will need to write away today! Be certain to use your boxing up grids to help you with your advert and remember what we have learnt so far this unit (weasel words, alliteration, etc.). You could also add in some parenthesis or fronted adverbials to make your writing even more impressive!

Well done for all your hard work on the multiplying yesterday, today we look at division and recap some of our knowledge from last year. You will have to use your short division method (bus stop). It is your decision as to which lesson you do; both should be recapping things from last year.

Videos: (2 digits divided by 1) (3 digits divided by 1)


Below is a message from Madame Ferguson, the powerpoint for her lesson should be attached below.


Bonjour tout le monde,

Ça va?

Bravo with the Bonne Année et Épiphanie learning.  Remember, when you do these activities, keep them safe for your French folders when we are back in school together.

This time, we are going to recap some sounds.  In the powerpoint, to explain the learning there is a little film to help.  Then a very interesting Celebrity Supply Teacher, Vic Hope, Radio 1 DJ, who will take you through some language learning tips.  She encourages you to repeat, repeat, repeat.

Then there are 2 sounds to recap: -in and –on.

Don’t forget the VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE on the school website.  Go to children and select VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE, choose Y5 & Y6.  You will find 3 clips linked to your topic, the Americas.  We focus on the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec and the indigenous tribe of the Huron-Wendat.

Bon courage, good luck,

Madame Ferguson