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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Wednesday 25th March



Thank you to everyone for sending in your super work.  We particularly enjoyed Horselover04's lovely and neat work and her smart idea of keeping a weekly planner.  Superb!  Keep safe and enjoy today's activities...



You’ve planned your antagonists and protagonists, you’ve practised your descriptive skills.  Tomorrow you will be writing your 500 word story.  It would be super to enter as many as possible for the Wellington competition so get your thinking caps on and start planning.


Before you start though, you might need to do a bit of revision on how to punctuate dialogue.  Have a look at this short activity.


It is also important to think about metaphors, similes and personification that will make your writing more descriptive and creative.  If you’re stuck remembering how to use personification, check this out:




SHOCK ROCK BATTLE: Log in to TTRockstars... the battle of the Falcons and the Kestrels begins TODAY at 8:50!  It's on!

Have a look at the video Introducing the Ratio Symbol and try the questions.


If you whiz through this, your next challenge is a big one… you need to Beat the Nation!


PS. Well done to strawberrysundaysuper-girl who has also sent in a solution to Monday’s optional problem solving challenge of the week.





Mrs Brickley has provided some super music activities for the week - see below:


KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College