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Wednesday 22.04.20



Good morning Year 4! Today you need to help out Mr Whoops with some character descriptions. Unfortunately, he finds writing interesting pieces of writing tricky and needs some help with improving his work. Can you help?


Read through the PowerPoint and find out about the three characters he has written about. Your job is to choose at least one of the character descriptions and re-write in using the hints and tips on the PowerPoint and the sheet attached. If you would like to re-write all three character descriptions you can. Feel free to draw your own image of the character you choose also. Remember all of this can be completed straight into your workbook without printing the pages attached. 


We are continuing our learning about decimals.  

For this block, we will be using the Whiterose Maths Home Learning resources. There is a short video to take you through the learning activities - the questions can be downloaded here.  Complete the questions in your home learning book, drawing out tables and diagrams OR you may choose to print the sheet and complete it straight on to it.  If you are looking for an extra challenge, complete the GDS task below or if you would like some more practise, take a look at the extra resources in the 'Maths Support'  star.


Week 1 Lesson 3 - LO: Tenths on a place value chart



Look carefully at what the children in the picture attached are saying? Do you agree or disagree with them? Why do you think that? Remember to fully explain your answer and use some science vocabulary if you can.