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Wednesday- 20.01.21

Using the words you explored yesterday, please finish off the sentences in the booklet. Once you have done this, please write some sentences using the words that you found the meanings of. Make sure you do this for all the words, you should be able to write roughly 8 sentences. Once you have done this it is your chance to create some spells of your own using some special wizardy suffixes! Make sure you practice saying them in your best witch/wizard voice and try to beat Mr Chislett’s spell- ‘Readium, writiosa, learnius!

We will begin multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers today! If you do not feel confident doing this, then watch the video below, as it walks you through what you need to do, step by step. You will need to break the number down into two easier calculations, for example when doing 52 X 34 you would need to do 52 X 30 and then 52 X 4. Once you have these values, you can add them together to get your answer!



Madame Ferguson has made a video to go with your lesson at the link below! There is also a powerpoint to go with the lesson, which contains the activities that she talks about in the video. Au revoir!


Also, if it is your birthday- click this link for the birthday song!