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Wednesday 15.07.20



Please use the games on Phonics Play this week and have fun!

For the time being the site continues to be free.

Sign in as follows:

Username: march20
Password: home


Please focus on Phase 4. If you find this a bit tricky go on Phase 3. If you would like a bit more of a challenge go onto Phase 5 as this is Year 1 level.



Read 'The Night Pirates' or watch it below.

Complete the pirates writing activity below - Write a sentence about each of the pirate pictures. Use the boxes at the top to help you.

The Night Pirates by Sinead McKay

The awesome 7 y.o. Sinead strikes again! This time with a reading...

Maths - Number Formation Practise

Pirate Activities


Pirates always like to hide their treasure. Pretend you have hidden some treasure in your garden.

Draw a treasure map and put an X to mark the spot where you have hidden your treasure.

You can use the template below to help you.