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Wednesday 13.05.20


This week, we are completing our learning about decimals.  

For this block, we will continue to use the Whiterose Maths Home Learning resources. There is a short video to take you through the learning activities - the questions can be downloaded here.  Complete the questions in your home learning book, drawing out tables and diagrams OR you may choose to print the sheet and complete it straight on to it. 

If you need a little extra help, open the POWERPOINT in the 'Maths Support' link and go through this before you watch the video. There is also a sheet here that you may find a little easier too.

If you are looking for an extra challenge, complete the GDS task below .


Summer Term Week 2 Lesson 3 - LO: Pounds and Pence

Computing - Scratch

Complete ‘Getting Started’ to recap what we have done so far.

Once you have completed this tutorial, choose another to explore!



Complete page 6 What do the words mean? And Alien comprehension activities.