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We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.

Wednesday 10.02.21


Thank you to Isla in Swan class who told us all about a fab website called 'Interland' which is made by Google. This helps you 'become a confident explorer of the online world' by playing games. There are 4 different games to try out and we think they're fantastic, despite Mrs Swarbrick crashing into rocks all the time on the Tower of Treasure!

English: Page 21 and 22
Today we will plot our final piece of writing for this half term. First you will need to come up with some ideas of what may happen in your new finding tale. Once you have done this, use the boxing up grid on page 22 to plan the different sections of your text. Make sure this is detailed, as you will be writing tomorrow.

We take a little side step today, and focus more on comparing and ordering fractions rather than looking at sequences of fractions. You will need to be confident with your inequality signs (< and >). You may need to use your hamburger method to make the denominators the same to compare the fractions. Look below for an example, and use the videos if you need more help. There is only one side of the normal worksheet to complete today, however there is an extra sheet to complete once you have done this.


Water Safety:


We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.