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Wednesday 08.07.20


Today's maths lesson will teach you how to translate shapes across a grid.

Remember to watch the video first as this will help you to understand what you need to do. Then complete the sheet, either by printing it out, if you are able, or writing the answers into your workbook. If you need a little more help, look through the PowerPoint for some more support. 

For an extra challenge, you can also complete the GDS questions below.


Today we are going to look at two ways in which we can add and build suspense in our stories. The first is known as ‘hiding the threat’. Read activity 5 on page 11, then try to write a few sentences using the suggested ‘empty words’. Think about what your story might be about – can you write sentences that you could use later in the unit?

Activity 6 spot effective suspense

Next we are going to look at different sentences and explain what gives the sentence suspense.

The second sentence builds suspense because….