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Wednesday 03.02.21


Pages: 11, 12 + 13
Our task today will be a bit like when we do our ‘reading as a reader’ lessons at school. There are a total of 12 questions to answer, please make sure you are answering as you would answer in your guided reading books!

Today we move on, and look at more complex equivalent fractions. Remember if you are dividing/multiplying a numerator of denominator to see if it is equivalent, then whatever you do to the top, you must do to the bottom!
Example Question : 1/4 = ?/24
If I had a question like the one above, I would start to think about how I can multiply 4 to make 24. I know that 4 X 6 = 24, so I must now multiply my numerator by 6 as well. Because I did it to the bottom, I must also now do it to the top! 1 X 6 = 6, so 6/24 would be equivalent to 1/4!



Below is a message from Madame Ferguson:


Bonjour tout le monde,

Ça va?

This time, we are continuing to recap some sounds, -in and –on.  It is a lot of learning to cover in one week so more time will help.  Remember to repeat, repeat, repeat.


Mr Chislett and Mrs Swarbrick are focusing on mountains with you and so there are 3 French video clips for you to watch.  You will learn about the mountain ranges in France, test yourselves by watching this film:




Don’t forget the VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE on the school website.  Go to children and select VIDEO RESOURCE CENTRE, choose Y5 & Y6. 

Bon courage, good luck,

Madame Ferguson

simple_La géographie de la France.mp4

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Timelapse _ de l'hiver à l'été en montagnes.mp4

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