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Wednesday 03.03.21

You will be writing the climax of the video clip on Friday, and today you plan the writing you will be doing. This is often the most exciting and eventful part of the story, so make sure you are using lots of exciting language to intrigue and excite your reader.

We move on from adding fractions today and look at subtracting fractions instead. We had a little practice with this last Wednesday but today will get a little more difficult. You will have to begin converting with your hamburger method to make sure the denominator is the same. When the denominators are the same, you can subtract one numerator from the other.


To help you with your French focus learning, numbers 1-100, please find a link to the NUMBERS SONG.  I hope you enjoy listening and sounding the numbers.  Remember, repetition, repetition, repetition.

1 à 100 SONG | Parkfield Primary School (

To show how far you have come, have a go at the word search.  If you need help find the numbers on the word list.

A bientôt,

Madame Ferguson