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Tuesday 9th February


Today, we're going to learn how to subtract lengths. This is also known as finding the difference between two lengths. For this, we'll need to draw on our knowledge of equivalent lengths and our ability to exchange. Watch the White Rose video and then complete the worksheet below.


Challenge: Have a go at the Problem Solving and Reasoning (PSR) questions below


This week, we will be recapping some of the spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) that we learn in Year 3.


Today, we are looking at the four different types of sentences - statements, commands, exclamations and question marks.

Go through the PowerPoint to remind yourself of the different types of sentences, then complete the activity either on the sheet or in your blended learning booklets.

Safety Week - Internet Safety

This week is Safety Week and each day we will be looking at a different aspect of safety and how to keep ourselves safe.

Today, is Safer Internet Day! We will be looking a reliability, and understanding why you should be careful about who you trust online and what information you can trust them with.


Watch and interact with the KS2 Reliability Part 1. This video talks about recognising reliable information.

Then, go through the Safety Week PowerPoint which will give you more information about your task.

If you would like to do more related to online and internet safety, you can explore these reliable websites.