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KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College

Tuesday 5th May

Happy birthday to Li'l Mackey!  We hope you have a terrific day!



Day 2 of your 2-week-long writing project.  Check out the workbook here:



Step 2:


We Have Lift-Off: Student Magazines Are Go!


The year 6 students of Parkfield Primary School this week are taking on a new challenge: to write their own magazine.  Wow!


With newsagents up and down the country closed because of the pandemic, these children are picking up their pens and taking to their keyboards to keep the nation entertained.




“At first, I didn’t know what my magazine could be and I was a bit worried,” says HappyCrab456.  “But then I decided to make a magazine about pets.”


GerbilStar agrees: “I decided to interview my families about lockdown experiences.  It’s funny what I found out!”


How will these budding journalists fare?  We will keep you up-to-date!



Okay, the above isn’t a real magazine BUT it will give you an idea of a writing style.  Have a look for:


* The attention-grabbing headline

* The short and punchy paragraphs.

* The first paragraph clearly summarising what the story is about.

* Quotes where necessary.

* The low register exclamations like “Wow!”

* The short subheadings



In your magazine, you are going to need some feature articles.  This might feature on the cover of your magazine. 


Some ideas:


* A feature article on an event — life in lockdown, a piece on VE Day, how to fix a tractor, how to take care of a horse.

* A big interview — it could be a family member, a friend, a pet (you might need to fill in some of the gaps) or someone you can, with parental permission, contact over the Internet.

* A “think piece” where you make an argument for or against a particular point - “Bees: do we need them?” “A new campaign: all children should wear hats” or “Why gardening should be taught in schools every day”.


Your task is to write at least one awesome feature article.  Your article should be about a page with all the features listed above.


You might need to find a picture to go with it.  And don’t forget to put your byline (which is the name of the writer — you).  Please use your online nickname if you want it to be shown on the web.




Comparing and ordering fractions!


Did you know that the White Rose activities now tie into the BBC Bitesize learning schedule?  Check the BBC site out if you'd like more help on a topic:





See Mrs Brickley's sheet below.

Entertaining the neighbours during Lockdown!

Who wants to come with me on a trip to a sweet sponge-tropolis?  A sweet land, sure to make your mouth water...follow me and read on to enjoy StrawberrySundaeSuperGirl's fabulous portal story:


Behind the Bookcase  


Elijah, along with his family, was tiding his passed Grammas' house so that it was ready to sell. Elijah was just dusting the mantelpiece when he came across an elaborate candle and stick that would not budge. the candle stick was gold and could have easily been 500 years old; it had a sort of fluffy snake entwining itself with the stick and

the candle was red, white and black twisted together and looked as though it had never been burnt.


Elijah tugged and heaved, grunting in effort. Then it moved, down not across, like a leaver.  Across the room something clicked; the bookcase had released itself from the wall and swung open.

Full of curiosity he dawdled over and peered inside. It was a hole just big enough for him to fit through and there was  a strange sweet aroma that seemed to lure him in. Should he or should he not? "Ah well, what could go wrong?" he said to himself. Clambering his way into the hole he thought "Well everything could go wrong", but he put that to the back of his mind and slid through.


All of a sudden he was floating up a tunnel of light then , just like that, he appeared in a world that smelled of all things sweet. It took a while for his eyes to adjust to the bright world but when they did the most amazing land unravelled.


It was like being on top of the clouds and Elijah was pretty sure that it was above the clouds; the floor was soft, cotton wool like, and bouncy, the sky was all the pinks and reds of the most beautiful sunset. As far as the eye could see, there white and pink mountains and hills rolled across the landscape. It was a sort of giant bag of candyfloss topped off with all the sweet things you could desire. As he ventured into this sponge-troplis he discovered tiny walking cotton balls that could talk but true conversation was beyond the wit of them so they stuck to short (mostly rude) phrases. He uncovered more and more as he explored: there were millions of what looked like doves that for some reason never touched the ground, the tiny cotton-creatures were so light that they often floated up off the ground like miniscule balloons, and you could eat everything which seemed to taste like whatever you wanted it to taste like.


After what felt like hours of exploring it started to rain MARSHMALLOWS! He started collecting the marshmallow rain, and when his pockets were full to bursting, he looked up to see a walking skeleton! Elijah screamed, "AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" then the skeleton spoke," Do not be alarmed," his voice was smooth and wise, "I must warn you, go, go back to where you came from, the earth fights back." then the skeleton strode away and just as Elijah was about to call after him the sky turned an angry red and the floor became sticky. Elijah panicked the skeleton was right the world was fighting back, his presence was unwelcome. The cotton-creatures could float, the doves never touched the ground, it all fitted. Just then he realised that he was sinking into the ground and was already a foot deep. With a struggle he freed himself and ran as fast as he could, which was almost impossible because the floor was coated in what felt like melted tar. When all hope of escaping was fading and the struggle was becoming too much, he stumbled into a hole that appeared from nowhere. He was back in the tunnel of light falling fast, bouncing off the sides. Abruptly he landed on the floor in front of the bookcase which had swung itself shut. He was back in Grammas' house!


 He told nobody of his adventure and the only reminder he had was his huge stash of marshmallow rain, which wouldn't last long! He worried others might stumble across the door and follow in is footsteps, so he left a warning note, describing his adventure, tucked behind the book case.


The end



KS2 Summer Concert : Tuesday 19.07.2022 (18:00 -19:00) Queen's College