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Happy New Year Everyone

Tuesday 30.06.20



'Different types of goblins.’ Here you will meet some of Treerumple’s friends. Read through the facts about them on page 5 and then draw your own goblin, think of a name for it and write down 4 facts? On page 6, have a look at this paragraph about the Grass Goblin. What do you notice about how the facts have been written? Can you use the words in the table (or some of your own) to join the facts about the Cupboard Goblin together on page 7.



Watch the White Rose video for today's lesson then complete the WR activities, either on the sheet, if you are able to print, or record your answers in your workbook.


As before, for an extra challenge you can also complete the GDS challenges too.




Remember to choose an activity from the Topic web. This is the same sheet as last week as there are nine activities to complete.


Happy New Year Everyone