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Tuesday 30.06.20

Maths - Area of a triangle

Today's maths lesson is to calculate the area of a triangle.

Remember to watch the video first as this will help you to understand what you need to do. Then complete the sheet, either by printing it out, if you are able, or writing the answers into your workbook.

For an extra challenge, you can also complete the GDS questions below.


Today we are going to focus on the character 'Puck' and their characterisation in Act 2 scene 1.  Follow the instructions on the attached PowerPoint.

Your first challenge is to read Puck's speech on slide 6 and rewrite it in your own, modern-day words? Some of the unusual vocabulary has been given to you.

Next, write a paragraph to describe the kind of person Puck is - remember to answer - prove - explain!

Finally, compare your paragraph to the example on slide 8 - what is similar, what is different?