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Happy New Year Everyone

Tuesday 2nd February


Today, we are beginning our topic on measurement. Today's activity is all about measuring length. You will need a ruler to complete this activity. We'll be using millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm) and metres (m) as our units of measurement. Watch the White Rose video below and then answer the questions on the worksheet.


Remember to include the unit of measurement in your answer when necessary!


Today, we are going to be reminding ourselves of how to punctuate direct speech using inverted commas.

Go through the PowerPoint as a reminder but you don't have to write anything down.smiley


Then, write a short conversation between Skess and Landra from The Stone Trolls story.

Remember your speech sandwiches and that we never share a sandwich so each new speaker needs a new line!


Make your writing exciting by using synonyms for said and other powerful verbs.

Use speech, verb, action to add more detail.


For example;

“Oh no! A ship is in deep trouble!” shrieked Skess as he slipped carefully into the rough, bitter ocean.

“I’m not so sure about this.” replied Landra gazing up at the slither of moonlight left in the sky.


Yesterday, we learnt all about how and why the Israelites escaped from Egypt. Today, we're going to find out more about how Jews celebrate the Israelites' freedom from slavery with a festival known as Passover.


Read through the PowerPoint below to learn more about Passover and your task.


You can complete the Seder plate activity by either;



  • Sticking a picture of each of the foods onto the plate.
  • Using Word to drag and drop the food onto the plate.
  • Drawing each of the foods onto the plate.


Happy New Year Everyone