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Tuesday 28.04.20



Please refer to Mavis the Magical Cat - Talk for Writing Project

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Maths - Night Pirates


BBCiplayerNumberblocks Series 4 Episode 10 Nineteen!

New Numberblock Nineteen discovers she's a one-off with a hidden talent for shape-shifting.

Objective: Learn all about the number 19 with Numberblock Nineteen!


Activity: Practise writing 19. Make 19 in different ways, using a range of objects, e.g. 19 cars, 19 daisies, 19 stones etc.

Take a photo and put on Tapestry or stick in workbook.


EYFS Link: Expressive art and design

Learning Objective: We are learning to use our observational skills to help us with our painting.

Can you name any of the flowers in your garden or at the park? Look at the shapes and the colours of the flowers and paint a picture of them.  Bees like to collect nectar from lots of different types of flowers – can you add bees to your painting?