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Happy New Year Everyone

Tuesday 26th January


Following yesterday's activity on adding money, today we're going to look at subtracting money. You'll need to recall your knowledge of exchanging to complete this activity. Watch the White Rose video on subtracting money and then answer the questions on the worksheet below.


Challenge: Have a go at the problem solving and reasoning questions on both adding and subtracting on the worksheets below!


Now you know a little bit about The Stone Trolls story, we would like you to complete the 'What did you think about the story?' on page 8 and the 'Reading Quiz' on page 9.

You can complete this in your blended learning booklets.


Today, we're going to be learning about how the Israelites got their name. To understand this, we need to read the story of Jacob - the grandson of Abraham.


Click on the RE 2 PowerPoint to read the story of Jacob's life and find out more about your task.

You can complete the family tree on the worksheet or on plain paper.


Challenge: Can you draw your own family tree? How far back can you go?


Happy New Year Everyone