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Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School

Tuesday 24.03.20

English: Word classes


Good morning Year 4. Here is your English activity for today. It is based around all the different word classes you know, for example nouns, adjectives, conjunctions etc. I will attach a help sheet for you if you are finding it tricky which will remind you of what all the different word classes mean. If you cannot print out the worksheet at home, you can make lists for each word class in your workbook.


Don’t forget to keep practicing the spelling for this week. They can be found in the star dated 20.3.20

LO: Equivalent Fractions 1

We are going to continue our work on fractions.  Work through the PowerPoint, answering any questions in your workbook.  

Then complete the questions on the handout. The first sheet gives the easiest challenge, the second is Expected level and the third Greater Depth. Choose your challenge! Remember you can do more than one of the levels if you wish.

If, after you have marked against the answers, you are finding it tricky, email us and we will send you some

Topic: Italian Research - Landmarks


As part of our Venice topic, we would like you to research a range of popular landmarks in Venice.  

Make notes about each of your chosen locations ready for tomorrow!


You may wish to choose from the following:

Parks:  Giardini Papadopoli,  Parco Savorgnan, Parco Delle Rimembranze

Statues:Winged lion – Campo Manin, Vittorio Emmanuele II Statue – Riva Degli Schiavonia

Bridges: Rialto Bridge - Ponte di Rialto, Bridge of Sighs – Ponte dei Sospiri,  

Places: Basilica di San Marco, Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square), Bell Tower (Campanile)


Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School