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Enjoy your Summer Holiday! We look forward to welcoming you all back on the 1st September 2022!

Tuesday 19th January


Today we are going to practise finding all the possible combinations of items in a group. For example, if I have 3 different hats and 3 different pairs of gloves, how many different combinations of hat and gloves can I wear? Watch the White Rose video to learn how to use multiplication to quickly work out the total number of combinations. Afterwards, complete the worksheet below.


Challenge: If you felt confident completing the worksheet, have a go at answering the problem solving and reasoning questions underneath!


Today, we are going to use all of the learning we have done so far with The Truth about Trolls to plan our own report about the trolls you have created.

Read page 14 and 15 to give you more information.

You can either use page 15 or the planning grid below to write down ideas to help you structure your report. The planning grid below gives you reminders of what writing structures you can include in each paragraph.

Remember, this is only a plan so you don't need long sentences.



Add one or two of your own paragraphs with different sub headings.



Now we know a bit more about how the land is used in our area, we are going to investigate how the land use affects the jobs in and around Taunton.

Contact 13-15 people that you know live or work in Taunton. These people could be the grown ups you live with, your uncle, next door neighbour or anyone else you know in our area. Please ask them which job sector they fall into and make a tally.

You can either use the table below or create your own tally chart using your blended learning booklets.


Please ensure it is a tally chart as tomorrow we will be making bar charts and comparing information.


Job sectors:







Recreation and Leisure



Any Other Sector


Enjoy your Summer Holiday! We look forward to welcoming you all back on the 1st September 2022!