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We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.

Tuesday 12th May

Welcome back Falcons and Kestrels! 


A few updates -- yes, you will still have time later in the week to work on your magazines.  If you have one big article like SlowSloth60's amazing sloth feature that's great; if you have a series of articles, that's fab too.




Today would have been the reading test.  Remember, this is a "double English" activity (you'll have "double maths" on Wednesday and Thursday). 


You don't have to do it in test conditions!  But if you would like to, this is a 60 minute paper.  For tickboxes, it's fine just to give a letter answer (e.g. A for the first answer, B for the second...).  


The reading booklet is here...


The reading paper is here...


We'd love to see how you got on.  If you want to see the answers for yourselves, they're here.





Check out this super Scratch boat race game.  You can use the online version of Scratch to make the game although ask your parents/carers to set you up an account if you want to save it.


The reason you might want your game-designing skills to be razor-sharp is that [THIS PARAGRAPH HAS BEEN CENSORED BY THE YEAR 6 SECRET PROJECT POLICE FOR GIVING THE GAME AWAY TOO EARLY] which should be absolutely amazing.




Check out SillyBear17's Taunton map on Twitter:

And finally...a fabulous poster by KittyCat989


We hope you are having a lovely summer holiday break.