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Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School

Tuesday 12th January


Today we are following on from yesterday's work on dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. Unlike yesterday, some of today's calculations will include exchanging! Watch the WR video below and then answer the questions from the worksheet.


Draw two different trolls and colour them. Try to make your trolls the opposite of each other.

For example, one troll could be mean and scary, whilst the other could be kind and caring.


Once you have designed your trolls, complete 'The Adjective Game' on page 8..

Use your knowledge of 2A (2 adjective) sentences to describe your two trolls. Remember your comma!

You can use the sheet or your blended learning booklets.


Try to think of powerful and exciting vocabulary by using a thesaurus or the adjective mat below.

Go into as much detail as possible to create a really vivid image to your reader.



Now we know a little more about the UK, we are going to locate the different counties in England.

Go through the Geography 2 PowerPoint to give you more detail about your task and there is map of the counties of England below to help you.


You can write the numbers and label the counties in your blended learning booklets or print the activity.

As we are only locating the counties of England, you only need to label up to county number 46.


Monday 23rd to Friday 27th May - Art/History Week at Parkfield School